Welcome to my Web Journal!

A classic blog for all my random thoughts, ideas, and web project updates.

What happened to the classic personal blogs that used to populate the internet? It seems all I have now are ephemeral curated photo and video snippets of people's lives (mostly of no one I know). This new simple blog, or Web Journal, is intended to serve this niche. Following inspiration from Hey World, Tom MacWright's awesome combination blog and project portfolio, and many others, the format is simple and the topics will be varied. It will feature a variety of posts, from philosophical ramblings to web project updates and everything in between.


This Web Journal is not intended as a fully-featured blogging platform. It is simply, for now, one of my many personal web projects. I have had a technical, geospatial blog - getBounds - for a decade or so, but have been unable to maintain a consistent writing schedule. I often want to throw out ideas to the world beyond the constraints of my career field, and my tech blog has a few barriers to entry, such as needing a flashy featured image, before I can hit submit (or git push). Finally, I've been looking for a place to store links to all my various projects, and a place to post updates in a manner similar to the service linktr.ee, and my freelance website does not seem like the proper place. This project seeks to solve all these issues.

The technical aspects of how this blog is created is one which I will leave for another post.

~ Malcolm Meyer